XI & XII AI Teachers Registration

Dear XI & XII AI Educators,

We are excited to announce a comprehensive package for Artificial Intelligence teachers handling Classes XI and XII, available exclusively on shikshanmate.com. This package is meticulously curated to support you in delivering an effective and engaging learning experience to your students. Below are the key features of the package:

I. Complete Materials for Class XI & XII AI Teachers

  • Access to a wide range of resources specifically tailored for AI curriculum.
  • II. Split Up Syllabus/Academic Planner/Monthly Planner
    • Detailed syllabus breakdown.
    • Academic planners to streamline your yearly teaching plan.
    • Monthly planners for focused and organized lesson delivery.

    III. Lesson plan as per NEP

    • Aligned with NEP 2020: Our materials adhere to the NEP 2020 guidelines, ensuring that they meet the latest educational standards and promote holistic learning.
    • Comprehensive Coverage: Each resource is designed to cover all essential aspects of the curriculum, making it easier for you to deliver effective lessons.
    • Interactive and Engaging: The materials are crafted to engage students actively, promoting better retention and understanding of the subject matter.

    IV. Chapter Wise Assignments/Worksheets/Quizizz/Monthly Tests

    • Assignments and worksheets for each chapter to reinforce learning.
    • Quizizz and monthly tests for continuous assessment and feedback.
    • V. Study Materials
    • Comprehensive notes, question banks, and handwritten notes.
    • Engaging PowerPoint presentations (PPT), multiple-choice questions (MCQ), and mind maps to simplify complex topics.
    • VI. Sample Papers
    • Sample papers for periodic tests, half-yearly exams, pre-boards, and annual exams.
    • Formats include PT-I, Half-Yearly, PB, PT-II, and SEE.
    • VII. Practical/Project Materials
    • Practical assignments and project guidelines to ensure hands-on learning and real-world application.

    VIII. Editable and Watermark-Free Materials

    • All resources are available in editable formats, allowing you to customize them as per your requirements.
    • Materials are provided without any watermarks for a seamless experience.

    We believe this comprehensive package will significantly enhance your teaching toolkit, making the learning process more structured and impactful for your students.

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to excel in your studies! Subscribe now, and your access will be valid for one academic year, from April to March. It’s time to elevate your learning journey with Shikshan Mate!




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